Tactical Cobra Belt™

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Designed to work with the Low Profile System™ or Quick Response System™, HTC Tactical Cobra Belt™ (TCB™) provides the perfect fast-attach belt system for securing your rig.  

Incorporating the quick-release functionality of AustriAlpin's Cobra® buckle, the Tactical Cobra Belt provides a comfortable and secure platform for your HTC™ Low Profile System.

Each outer belt is made of 1.75" Mil-Spec resin-coated Type 13 webbing lined with quality Velcro® hook and is paired with a black underbelt of the same 1.75" webbing surfaced with Velcro® loop. With the under belt threaded through your pant loops, the outer belt holds your rig securely in place without the need for belt keepers - while allowing for easy removal and reattachment.

Belts are available in Black or Coyote Tan. All standard underbelts are Black. Get two belts in one - upgrade your underbelt to HTC™'s Everyday Tactical Belt (EDT).

If you would like to order just the underbelt to wear standalone or as a replacement for one which has been lost, click here.

Attach the Micro Grip Panel in place of an underbelt to keep your TCB and gear in place when worn over your clothing when concealment is not a priority.

*Equipment carriers and holsters sold separately

SIZING: For best results please consider the following information regarding sizing. This is a two piece belt. The underbelt adds about 1" to your typical pants size, so use that measurement when making a selection. If you are unsure, measure over the waist of your pants while wearing a belt with a minimal buckle. If you ride the line between two belt sizes, we recommend the larger size.

7 Reviews

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    HTC Cobra

    Posted by PC Wilburn on Nov 9th 2020

    Awesome design and quality! You may want to move down a size if you order to get a tight fit.

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    Posted by Dave on Jul 1st 2020

    Perfect fit.

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    Posted by Nathan on Mar 7th 2020

    Great customer service. The buckle is a push forward release instead of a pull backward. The inner belt is a simple Velcro attach with no buckle of any sort and completely separate from the outer belt. I could wear the inner belt completely separate and hold my pants up. The inner belt is Velcro all the way around and designed with the intention of using it in you pant belt loops. Then all the user has to do is wrap the outer belt around the waist and buckled , held firmly in place by the Velcro all the way around. The buckle on the outer belt is detachable by Velcro enabling the user to add gear fairly easily. It took about 3 min for me to add and position 4 items and reattach the buckle. It sits very comfortably on the hips. The width of the belt is perfect for all gear attachments. Everything is well stitched. My only complaint is the sizing chart needs revised. I’m a 33 maybe 34 waist. I called and talked to a rep about what size to order and was told a small but the outer belt should have been a medium. Where I notice this is once I have put the outer belt buckle back on, the reattach is Velcro but adjusted for my waist the strap is to short to reach all the way back to where the Velcro can reach back on itself to hold the buckle. I think the small chart should say only about 30 inches. Other than this part it is a great belt

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    Tactical Cobra Belt

    Posted by James T Doty on Nov 19th 2019

    I think I already reviewed this thing but I loved it, great construction at least so it appears I haven't put it to any kind of test yet of course. I like the buckle design. I would love to see all the belts with both hook and loop surfaces so that they all work together.

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    Tactical Cobra Belt

    Posted by James T Doty on Nov 11th 2019

    Haven't had a chance to really use it as I had a sizing issue and had to send it back. Awaiting arrival of my new one. I can say that the quality seemed top notch and durable. Customer service is awesome.

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    Tactical Cobra Belt

    Posted by William V Geragotelis on Jul 8th 2019

    Very high quality, performs as advertised

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    Tactical Cobra belt

    Posted by Chase Harris on Mar 14th 2019

    This is my second TCB I have bought in the past 12 months. the quality is great and when you use it with the inner belt makes removing and replacing you sidearm a breeze for those time you have to walk in to the courthouse or other gun free zones.