Quick Ship Spektre™ HOLSTER

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The Spektre™ is part of our Flagship product line. Optimized for Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) only carry, the Spektre™ is a no-compromise solution for those who require deep concealment on or off duty. 


 The Spektre™ is designed to be worn strong-side or appendix position inside of the waistband.  


[It is not recommended to carry inside the waistband without prior training or familiarization]. 


The Spektre™ is shipped with one of two available attachment options. To better accommodate your preferred method of IWB of carry, two over-hook struts or over the belt clips (1.5 or 1.75”) keep the Spektre™ secure while carrying.  


 Each holster is drilled and built to allow customers to adjust from a straight draw, up to a 15 degree “FBI cant” while carrying. 


High Threat Concealment flagship holsters are standard with our proven tensioner system that allows for scalable draw friction. The Spektre™ features an open bottom to reduce the overall length for comfort and concealability.