Quick Draw Lubricant

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Quick Draw is a holster lubricant and protectant, the first of its kind. Quick Draw helps maintain and extend the life of your holster AND protects the finish of your firearm from micro-abrasions. Just one spray creates a thin lubricating barrier between the holster and firearm that gives you an ultra-fast draw and protects the weapon. It speeds the draw by reducing friction and also protects your holster and firearm from abrasion, scuffing, corrosion and rust.

Quick Draw is a precise ratio of viscosity optimized silicone and lanolin. Typical silicone sprays found at home improvement stores contain tiny amounts of silicone with tons of fillers. Quick draw contains 20-30X more silicon than typical silicone spray lubricants.

Quick Draw recommends that you reapply every 50-100 draws, or every 30 days, so add a bottle to your order to keep the smooth draw from the day it arrives.