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Quick Ship

Typically, all holsters are not created equal. Especially when it comes to plastic ones. Well, our holsters are! Regardless of make or model pistol, the same 3D printing technology goes into each mold that we make. HTC has never offered a “quick ship” holster before, simply because of the made to order nature our business has been built around. Stocking any product can become expensive, but the price of frustration from many of our customers when a common pistol holster takes 20 days to ship is unacceptable.   

Those days are over. We have not given up on our made to order customers, but after evaluating the trends in what our customer base asks for, the truly custom holsters are becoming more scarce than common pistol/light combinations. We will continue to make holsters as before, but it is our mission to minimize lead times on most of our stand-alone options for common pistols. 

In a perfect world, shipping your holster the next day is our utopia. Any holster classified as quick ship will be finished and out the door within 3-5 business days. With time, our quick ship process will be perfected which will allow more options, with quicker turn around times.