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Evolve your everyday carry with The Element- i ™.Brand new for 2018, the Element- i ™is the newest addition to the HTC product line. An ultra-affordable inside the waistband [IWB] holster that is as raw as it is functional. Multiple manufacturer specific pistols fit into the element with the same retention and reliability.  

 The Element- i ™ is made from premium grade Boltaron® thermoplastics, formed with precision, and hand finished for reliability. The Element- i ™ is a true ambidextrous holster to accommodate every shooting orientation and training preferences. 

 Due to its simplistic design, the Element- i ™ships with only one over-hook attachment that can be adjusted up to 15 degrees. We designed and incorporated the new EzTRAK index feature into the Element – i, dually purposed as not only index points for confident re-holstering but a solid barrier between your pistol and body. This pistolboasts a drastic reduction in overall length and width compared to our Flagship holsters to make it the smallest, lightest and most compact in HTC’s lineup. 

 The Element- i ™ does nothave adjustable tensioners, and on the outside, appears to be less accommodating than other holsters. Throughout testing and evaluation; each model pistol was drawn 2000 times. Each draw tension remained the same at 500, 1000 and 2000thdraw absent undue wear to the firearm or inside of the holster. We have streamlined every process to make the holster as reliable and durable that HTC is known for, with a price tag for EVERYONE.  

The Element- i ™accommodates full-sized and compact pistols equipped with suppressor height iron sights. The Element- i ™ will accommodate the HTC Appendix Carry Wing which is purchased separately.