Mini Modular Accessory Panel™

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The HTC Mini Modular Accessory Panel™ (Mini MAP™) combines the versatility of tactical Nylon and the concealment of the HTC Low Profile System™ to give you even more options for carrying your mission-essential gear discreetly.

The HTC Mini MAP™ is a 3" platform that will accept different pouches (not included) using a 1-strap MOLLE pouch. We offer one-strap MOLLE-compatible pouches for use with the Mini MAP™. Try one of these:

The Mini MAP&trade is curved and can be worn on either side of the body.

The Mini MAP™ can be integrated into the HTC Low Profile System™ giving the user a wide range of options for carrying his or her gear.  Use it in place of an AR mag or radio holder, or combine it with the components of a standard Low Profile System to add 3" of usable space to the LPS for larger waistlines..

The Mini MAP™ comes as a standalone component (contents picture not included), and each pouch can be added separately, depending on operator preference.