Micro Grip Panel

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HTC's Micro Grip Panel is designed to work specifically with HTC's two-piece belts and Low Vis Battle Belt™ as an alternative to the standard underbelt. Each panel is surfaced with VELCRO® Brand loop which connects with an outer belt holding your gear, while lined with non-slip padded fabric that holds everything in place during dynamic movement.

The Micro Grip Panel is ideal when concealment is not a priority as it allows quick attachment of gear over clothing rather than through HTC's traditional underbelt/overbelt hook and loop system. The soft padding helps stabilize your rig without needing to thread your gun belt through pant loops. The Micro Grip Panel works with most belts that have an interior panel of hook.

Panels at black and come in 4 different sizes based on HTC's two-piece belt sizing and are designed to be combined with the comparably sized belt or Low Vis Battle Belt.

*Belts, equipment carriers, and holsters sold separately