HTC™ PCC/SMG Magazine Holder

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HTC™ SMG Mag Holders allow an operator to carry additional SMG magazines securely and discreetly.

The SMG Mag Holder can be worn as an individual component, joined together with additional mag carriers, or integrated with other HTC Low Profile System™ components into a full rig.

Variants are available to accommodate the following weapon systems:

  • NEW!! CZ Scorpion EVO
  • H&K MP5
  • H&K MP7
  • Colt 9mm SMG
  • Glock 33rd 9mm / .40
  • High-Capacity .45 ACP Double Stack Polymer Magazines
  • Sig Sauer MPX
  • B&T MP9 / TP9 / APC9 / P26 / KH9
  • B&T APC45

All of our Mag Holders come standard with 2- Low Profile Belt Loops that will accommodate 1.5" - 1.75" belt widths.  2" Duty loops can be purchased separately.