HTC Low Profile System™

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The HTC Low Profile System™(LPS) is the most adaptable and comprehensive low profile concealment rig available on the market today.

It comes standard with:

The components can be tailored to the user's preference regarding the orientation of magazines and where they are positioned on the belt. The modular design of the LPS allows it to be easily configured for different mission requirements. Therefore, if your requirements dictate something other than these standard configurations, such as for an ambidextrous shooter (for instance, a left-handed pistol shooter who runs their long gun right-handed), contact us, and we can suggest a build to meet your needs. Depending on the configuration and components, additional charges may apply.

Additional Options:

The HTC Low Profile System™ can be worn with a standard riggers belt 1.5" - 1.75" wide, but our two-piece belts were designed specifically to be worn with the LPS. Select from the Low Pro Belt™, a hybrid of 1.5" leather and 1.75" Mil-Spec Type 13 webbing, designed to look like an average leather belt when worn beneath a jacket or open button-front shirt, making it even easier to blend into your surroundings. The 1.75" Tactical Cobra Belt works well when low visibility is not the highest priority. The two-piece design holds your gear securely in place while allowing for quick attachment and removal. We recommend adding 1" to an over-the pants measurement for sizing. **NEW** Get two belts in one - upgrade your underbelt to HTC™'s new Everyday Tactical Belt (EDT).

For those looking for the comfort of a traditional battle belt with a slimmer, tighter fitting profile that can still be concealed beneath appropriate cover garments and jackets, we are now offering the HTC Low Vis Battle Belt™, a collaboration with High Speed Gear. Locking into the same underbelt as our standard overbelts, the LVBB eliminates the problem of having a battle belt that can ride up and down on the waistline during dynamic movement. Thin padding allows holsters and equipment to ride tightly to the body - maximizing concealability while minimizing gear that can snag during movement. Components of the HTC Low Profile System™ and other equipment can be attached via the exterior PALS grid. A Micro Grip Belt Panel is included for tandalone use of the battle belt without an underbelt. Add 2-3" to an over-the-belt measurement to determine sizing for the Low Vis Battle Belt™. If purchasing one of our optional 2- piece belts for use with the Low Vis Batte Belt, add 2-3" for optimal sizing.

*If your pistol has custom features or aftermarket items installed on it, please let us know so that we can incorporate that into our molding process. Not all aftermarket features may be accommodated, but RMRs, threaded barrels, and suppressor sights are no problem.