HTC™ AR15/M4 Magazine Holder

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The HTC™ 5.56 Mag Holder is based on the same modular design as other components of the Low Profile System™, allowing the user to connect multiple items together based on the specific mission requirement. The design allows the mag holder to fit snugly to the body, reducing the profile of the equipment while riding low enough on the waistline to fit comfortably with body armor.

New for 2017! The 5.56 Mag Holder now comes with two tension adjustments allowing a better fit for the widest variety of magazines. Fits Standard GI AR/M4 Magazines, Magpul Gen M2 and M3 PMAG 30, EMAG 30, Lancer L5 series, Troy Battlemags, and SCAR 16.

All of our Mag Holders come standard with 2- Low Profile Belt Loops that will accommodate 1.5" - 1.75" belt widths.  2" Duty loops can be purchased separately.