CZ Vantage™ Holsters

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HTC’s Vantage™ Holsters are designed for carrying a concealed weapon outside-the-waistband. They are thin for concealment, lightweight for comfort, and rugged for real-world use.

Every Vantage Holster is made to order from premium grade Boltaron® and built to match the specific make and weapon model, including most after-market features. Holsters are then hand finished, inspected, and checked for proper fitment using the actual weapon model ordered.

Each holster contains a custom tensioner. This allows the user to adjust the tension of the pistol based on his/ her individual preference.

Attachment points for belt loops are offset, allowing carry of your sidearm close to the body for enhanced concealability. Vantage holsters for compact and full-size weapon models come standard with rugged footman-style belt loops that fit 1.5" to 1.75" width belts. Subcompact models come with closed belt loops only.

Vantage Holsters come standard with 0° cant or “straight drop/draw.” Those who wish to run their holster with a 15º or FBI-style forward cant or prefer to lower the ride height of the holster by 3/4" can elect to do so using a pair of optional closed belt loops.

Like other HTC™ components, the holster can be easily connected with other HTC™ equipment and carriers for integration into the HTC Low Profile System™.

If your pistol has custom features or aftermarket items installed, please let us know so that we can incorporate that into our molding process. Additional cost may apply.

3 Reviews

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    Great holster

    Posted by Roland Kassales on Mar 2nd 2020

    I have been using this holster consistently and heavily for almost 9 months. It's been through everything from day hikes to hunting to intensive training. It is a very good holster. It has excellent retention. The fit is excellent. It sits tight to the body. I highly recommend this holster to people when they are looking for a quality holster. The only reason for the four star review is that I have worn away the skin on the knuckle of my middle finger as I have trained with this holster. This is the result of the trigger guard area of the holster riding slightly higher and close to the grip of the pistol when compared to other holsters which have the trigger guard area covered 3/4 to 1/2 of the trigger guard rather than almost completely covered like the HTC . This can be solved with a little filing and sanding. Please note that if you are not using this holster for intensive, fast-paced training, you probably will not notice this. I have not found a holster that I like better than this holster for quality, and I have tried a lot of holsters. This holster allows you to carry with confidence. I've put it through quite a bit, and it does fantastic. Buy this holster.

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    One of the best holsters I have ever owned

    Posted by Gray Man on Feb 15th 2020

    I purchased this item based on a recommendation from Tim at Military Arms Channel. Glad I did. This holster is a perfect fit for me. The contoured shape sits nicely against my hip and keeps the gun close to my body for enhanced concealment. Also, the holster sits high enough on the belt which adds comfort when sitting. I am able to comfortably wear the holster while seat-belted in my car (with gun removed). Overall quality and construction is fantastic. The tension screw is highly adjustable, which allows the gun to lock in tight and secure, or loose for faster draws. I have worn this holster (with fully loaded CZ P-01) all day for several days in a row. I haven't identified any negatives yet. I am very happy with my purchase.

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    CZ Vantage Holster

    Posted by Robert W Souron on Aug 15th 2019

    Well made, P01 fits very snug and with a definitive snap. Belt loops are well made and very strong. Overall this is a very good range holster.