Cobra Tactical Riggers Belt

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Introducing HTC™'s Cobra Tactical Rigger's (CTR) Belt as an alternative to the same old Rigger's belt. AustriAlpin™'s Cobra D-Ring buckle makes it easy to clip in one-handed with a new design featuring their reliable quick-release buckle with a rugged integrated D-ring. This belt is made of 1.75" Type 13 Mil-Spec Nylon webbing reinforced with a layer of stiff dive webbing around the back from hip to hip, providing a secure platform for your holster and equipment carriers. Available in Black or Coyote Tan (Interior layer of Coyote belt will be Black).

This belt is designed to be worn for everyday carry items, such as holster and pistol mag holder and is not recommended for use with the Low Profile System. This belt is not intended to replace a standard rappelling harness with leg straps in normal operations.

SIZING: Our belts are based on your pants measurement, not bare waist measurement. If you wear size 36" pants, you should select a Medium belt which works for 34"-38". If you are unsure or wear more than one size pants depending on the manufacturer, please measure yourself in the pants you intend to wear with the belt by sliding a measuring tape into the belt loops. If you ride the line between two belt sizes, we recommend the larger size.