AR15/M4 Magazine Stacker™ (Wings Only)

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Introducing the M4 Mag Stacker™, which does exactly what the names suggests, affording shooters the ability to add one additional M4 Magazine or two more pistol magazines to their rig.

The Mag Stacker consists of two wings that attach an HTC M4 Mag Holder and "stack" onto a combination of either two M4 Mag Holders or one M4 Mag Holder and one Dual Pistol Mag Holder. Wings are specific to carry side and mag holder combination.

Select your desired Mag Stacker set up by selecting the combination of mag holders you wish to use and your magazine carry side. Right-handed shooters should select "Left Carry", Left-handed shooters select "Right Carry". Assembly instructions and all necessary attachment hardware come standard with the Mag Stacker allowing you to combine the wings with components you already own, or purchase a M4 Mag Holder or a full Mag Stacker Panel and HTC will assemble your Mag Stacker prior to shipping.

The Mag Stacker can also be purchased in conjunction with HTC Low Profile System here.