About Us

High Threat ConcealmentTM (HTCTM) provides comprehensive solutions to the design and development of concealable equipment for armed professionals and shooting sports enthusiasts. Our product is designed for confident use in austere environments, and throughout everyday carry. HTC provides scalable equipment to keep critical equipment at arm’s length all the time.


Necessity is the mother of all innovation, which remains the driving force behind the creation of all product lines from High Threat Concealment. What started as a quick solution to increased restrictions for protective security operations, has quickly evolved into some of the most cutting edge, low-profile tactical equipment on the market. 

Since the beginning, we take what end users tell us and incorporate their feedback, always striving to be better. “Tactical Gear Evolved”, a tagline that we adopted from our flagship product; the Low-Profile System [LPS]. Built modular and minimal, its design allows operators the unique ability to tailor the equipment to specific mission requirements while reducing their tactical appearance.  

Though our core product was developed specifically for security detail members, through requests and feedback, HTC provides Police and Military members with mission specific equipment ranging from SWAT to Patrol and conventional infantry to special operations warfighters across the planet.